Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Klondike Slim-a-Bear 100 Calorie Bars

The good- Good flavor (despite having chocolate "flavored" coating and vanilla "flavored" ice cream), I mean GOOD flavor. The "chocolate" coating has a great krispy texture to it, much like the regular Klondike bars.

The bad- it's pretty small, compared to a regular Klondike bar. It probably measures about 2.5-3" in diameter and about a 1/2" thick. Still, it does the job for those who can't afford the enormous amount of calories in a regular Klondike bar.
It's just enough to ward off a sweet tooth attack, particularly if you eat it a little slower and savor the taste.

Lean Cuisine's Swedish Meatballs

Lean Cuisine's Swedish Meatballs feature yummy tiny meatballs in "a savory gravy" along with egg noodles. It's really a pretty good dish, though sometimes the noodles get a little mushy. The meatballs are quite tasty, as is the gravy- I just wish there was more meat. It weighs in a 280 calories, making it a good meal to include salad and some fruit with (it contains no veggies).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Low Cal Salad Dressings

Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette- big thumbs up

Newman's Cranberry Walnut Vinaigrette- BIG thumbs up. This dressing is super good, has just enough tang- yumm!

Hidden Valley Ranch Fat Free- Skip it- not enough flavor. I actually tossed a bowl of salad out because it was just not good.

Hidden Valley Low Fat Ranch- BUY IT- you won't miss the calories or fat and you don't need much

Kraft Fat Free Catalina- Honestly, I'd have a hard time telling the different between the regular and fat free- buy it!!

Lean Cuisine's Lemongrass Chicken, Lemon Chicken

I'm reviewing these together, even though they're a little different (ok a lot different). The Lemongrass Chicken gets a partial "ick" from me- the lemon is good, chicken, rice and veggie mix- all good. But the "grass" part of the lemon? Lemongrass is exactly what it sounds like- lemony and grassy. It's got a strange aftertaste that I didn't enjoy, so probably wouldn't eat again. If you like lemongrass, however, you'll like this dish. I didn't have any other complaints but that.

Now the Lemon Chicken I actually like quite a bit. The chicken is breaded and it comes with brown rice and veggies- all good. The lemon gives it a nice, clean taste and works well with the entire dish (and you'll want to make sure to leave some of the sauce for the rice too). It's definitely yummy!